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Peregrine Ltd.

Peregrine, Ltd (Peregrine) is a supplier of management and technical services for business, industry and government agencies in the domestic and international market place. 

Peregrine is the continuation of a company originally organized by two individuals in 1972 and incorporated in 1974 as an international organization. The founders collectively had over 50 years of management and technical experience. One of the original founders remains as the President of  Peregrine. 

The principal objective of the organization is to supply expert financial, management, engineering, technical and investment services to the discriminating individual, business and government agency in the domestic and international market place. 

Building on the extensive business and technical experience of the corporationís founders, Peregrine continues to expand its scope of capabilities in order to provide support to clients in the accounting, aerospace, aviation, engineering, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, power & energy, investment, management and technological fields. 

Our unique combination of experience and expertise is available to provide cost-effective solutions to your management and technical requirements. 

Peregrine is able to fully integrate the clientís financial, business and investment situation through support services provided by associate organizations. 

The professional personnel employed by Peregrine have a wide range of management and technical experience that is appropriately applied to each clientís individual needs. 


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